So Tyler, the Creator recently released an album called “Scum Fuck Flower Boy” in which he apparently comes out as gay. In the album he makes references to his preference for boys and the song “Garden Shed” can be considered his “come out” song.

This surprised many people and literally left them in disbelief. “No ways dude, I can’t see Tyler being gay” is a response I heard from an acquaintance I was speaking to him about. The homophobic content that used to be spewed by Tyler in his younger days is what made this so hard to believe. I however did not find it too shocking because we already know that two of his long time friends Syd and Frank Ocean are openly gay and he was openly accepting of them, not that this makes him gay but it showed a level of tolerance that was not consistent with the persona he was putting on while trying to building his career.

An actual friend of mine actually said to me that he would not listen to the album now because he found out that Tyler is gay. A friend who is supposedly “woke”. I quickly reprimanded him and showed him the hypocrisy of his statement by highlighting the very fact that Frank and Syd are homosexual too and he openly enjoys and listens to them. Also, the album is very good and it would be a pity if he missed out on it because of something so irrelevant.

Homosexuality has become a topic that I find difficult to rationalize for myself and fully understand but through my understanding of feminism and the importance of intersectionality, I have found a way to erase all past prejudices I have had about it. I do not have a position on the matter and simply feel that if a black person is homosexual and actively contributes to the fight to dismantle global racism white supremacy then it is irrelevant to me what they do with their spare time. The work that has been done by queer members of the LGBTI community is immense and I have personally learnt a lot from radical black feminists who belong to this community.

We have many obstacles to tackle as a people. We have been pitted against each other in so many scenarios in our history, this should not be another brick in the wall that separates the black community in  our ultimate quest for freedom.

Ultimately, everything happens the way it was supposed to happen and there is nothing we can do to change that. What we can do though, is search for the beacon of light in any situation where you feel lost and are overwhelmed by the feeling of not understanding and being able to comprehend.

I’m glad I said my piece about this issue. We live and we learn.

Izwe lethu

Nfr Sa Ma’at


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