Love. love love love love. The crazy thing about love is that the word love doesn’t even come near to describing the emotion/feeling of love.

The irony of love is that everyone is looking for it but love is subjective in the way it is received and given. This means that everyone has their own idea of what love is.

To me, love is great because it is a journey. A journey that has no end but rather continually grows, sprouting new routes (pun intended) to be travelled alone and or with as man other souls that vibrate on the same frequency as yours.

Do not fear giving love and do not fear receiving love. Do not give love with the expectation of receiving love.

Rupi Kaur

Love is unquantifiable. Love is immeasurable. Love is infinite. Love is warm. Love is light. Love is life.

(ps. this is not advice)

Nfr Sa Ma’at



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