They usurped math

Medicine, architecture

Philosophy, religiosity, art

Saying they had created them

In their own image and likeness.


They separated the pharaohs and pyramids

From the African context

Because Africans could not be capable

Of such invention and advancement

Not yet satisfied, they said

That our ancestors had come from far away

From a strange Asia

To invade Africa

To push the natives

Bosquimanos and hotentotes.

And wrote History in their own way.

Calling nations “tribes”

Kings “regals”

Languages “dialects”


Then they blamed slavery

On the ambition of its own victims

and put racism

On our tab.


They reserved for us

The most sordid places

The most degrading occupations

The dirtiest roles

And they said:

“Laugh! Dance! Make music!

Sing! Run! Play!”

And we laughed, danced and made music

We sang, danced and played

Now, enough!


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