am i a writer?


you were a writer


you ever


pen to paper.

just because you were not writing


does not mean you were not writing


Nayyirah Waheed

its odd to me that the first thing i write as a contribution to this blog dedicated to my thoughts is a poem. i’m not a huge consumer of poetry but can fully recognise a brilliant poet. i found myself sitting and reflecting after almost every other poem i read by Nayyirah.

the poem i would say struck me the most is the one quoted above. while reading this poem i couldn’t shake the feeling that she was talking directly to me. to this point, its been my knowledge that writing is an actual profession (some may even say art) in itself. i felt to call myself a “writer” would be an infringement on those who have spent long hours studying and writing to be able to call themselves writers but this poem shed a different light on writing for me.

internally, i have written a lot. volumes and volumes of consideration, mediation and reflection processed as passing thoughts not valuable enough to be recorded in whatever form. i have now realised the benefit of writing. it is as much for the writer as it is for the desired audience. expression through words to spark any sort of emotion for the audience. sort of like what Nayyirah did for me and i’m sure many others too.

 you will be reading a lot more from me in the future. Thuso Matsobane Nfr Sa Ma’at is my name and welcome to my mind.

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